Q.  Who owns the company?
A. Our family holds 40 percent of the units in the company. Each of four investors will own 15 percent of the remaining units

Q. How are investors selected?
A. We ask investors to submit an expression of interest. It covers your financial stability, environmental record and/or experience, and plans for maintaining the property as a sustainable natural resource. The majority owners reserve the right to select participants without prejudice.

Q.   Who makes decisions on key issues such as the size and style of the home and other developments on the property?
A.  As the developers, our family are the ultimate decision-makers on the size and style of home.
On other matters over-time all investors are part of the descision making process.

Q.  Aside from the initial $140,000 stake, what other costs are involved?
A.    The initial stake covers all company establishment and home development costs. A ‘sinking fund’ will also be established for maintainence and on-going expenses. Depending on what the company decides in terms of further developments, additional costs will be levied in proportion to your stake or extracted from the ‘sinking fund’.
Annual rates, fees and statutory and other charges will be settled from the sinking fund.