Plan for New Dwelling

June 29, 2012

GlenAllen SWA

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Realities of Real Estate

May 15, 2012

Learn how to find positive cash-flow properties to secure a comfortable retirement. 5 Simple Steps to Starting to Invest with Positive Cash-flow REALITIES OF REAL ESTATE Come to my 2hr Seminar and learn how to tell in less than 10 mins if a property is a potential Goldmine or Debt Trap! Find out the Do’s […]

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DA Approval

August 20, 2011

Council approval has been given to down grade the existing dwelling to shed. This paves the way for the new plans being drawn up for eco-friendly home to be submitted for approval. Plans for electricity to be brought from across the road are underway, “The design” could take up to 4 months for approval.

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Your Front Yard?

May 26, 2011
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