Sustainable magic in the southern alps

Do you love the bush and the mountains? Do you imagine frequent escapes to the outdoors lifting a weight from your shoulders? Do you yearn to stake a claim in your Australian heritage?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, ask yourself one more.

How would you feel sharing a prime, sustainable bush estate at a fraction of the going rate?


Welcome to Farthings Lane Farm
Our 40 hectare haven nestles into the southern New South Wales alps between Cooma and Bega. With huge skies and vast alpine vistas, this is a truly magical place.

Now, a tiny handful of just six shareholders has the opportunity to share it with us.

Now, along with our family and four other devotees of the great Australian bush, you too could embrace the tree-change dream.

Join us in an exclusive eco-investment
We have immaculate bushland and native pasture waiting for the eco-perfect sustainable dwelling. It will give exclusive investors a time-share sanctuary like none other in Australia’s alps. For life. Or for as long as you choose. Your share is fully tradeable (though once you’ve seen it, you’d probably sooner trade a limb.)